Helping communities leverage the power of new movers. We are based in Oakland, a lot of people are moving here, and we fear the loss of community as a result of it.

Some people welcome the influx. They point to Oakland’s chronic economic underdevelopment, more job opportunities and increased tax revenue to fund substandard city services. Others are vehemently opposed to any new people moving to Oakland. They point to the displacement caused by skyrocketing rents and property prices, wholesale neighborhood and city demographic changes and a loss of existing neighborhood dynamics.

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The final group is somewhere in the middle. Somewhat appreciative of the development and growth, while remaining wary of the runaway potential of said development a la San Francisco.

We at Newintown are taking this middle path. We want to help maximize the benefits of new movers to a community while helping to minimize the negative fallout.

The negative fallout we are trying to minimize:
  • Displacement
  • Misunderstanding/conflict
  • Ignorance of the existing community
Specifically, these benefits that we are trying to maximize are:
  • Consuming/producing locally
  • Neighborhood communication/cohesion between new and old
  • Diversity of thought/background/experience

We are not a moving advocacy group. Nor do we disparage those who move. People have a right to move, just as existing communities have a right to inform and educate new members to their community.

About Us

Newintown does this by providing the information that new movers need to get their lives up and running in their new community (neighborhood guides, local business directory, news, insider tips, etc.). But we source this information from community members who contextualize it with all of the things the community needs new movers to know (issues facing the community, existing practices and etiquette, neighborhood leaders and projects).