December East Bay Bike Party
NewInTown · December 11, 2015 ·
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Dec. 11 2015
7200 San Leandro St.
Oakland CA 94621

The December East Bay Bike Party is almost upon us! The theme this month is “YOUnity. Dress to represent – yourself, your culture, your ancestry, your personality, your community.” We love that here at Newintown. This is one of the great events in Oakland to get you out and meeting people.

Things to bring with you:

  • Layers: It’s going to be cold out there! Gloves wouldn’t be amiss either.
  • Lights: This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. You need lights to bike at night. A red (and preferably flashing) one for the back and a nice bright front light to look out for the notorious Oakland potholes.
  • Lock: There’s lots of stopping and cavorting on these rides, so it makes sense to have lock to make sure no one gets handsy with your bike.
  • Drink: Drunk biking ain’t good for anybody, but lots of people do get there buzz on at this thing. Maybe a beer or flask to keep you warm at one of the stopping points, but take ‘er easy tiger.
  • A Good Attitude: Go out there and get to know some new crazy fools!

The ride starts at the Colosseum BART Station at 7:30pm and ends at the 19th St. BART. See you there!

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