Guide to Living in Oakland

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Compared to San Francisco, Oakland is much quieter, less densely populated and, of course, cheaper. This last factor has prompted many of us to flock to this city as prices in San Francisco and other parts of the Bay...

Transportation Guide to Oakland

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Fun fact: The city of Oakland has 806 miles of city-maintained streets, 150 of which are used by buses and 244 of which are designated bikeways...

Giving Back: Oakland Volunteering Opportunities

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As a new arrival in any town, it’s easier to become an observer of a community than it is to become a member of it. But to truly be part of your new city, interaction is mandatory. This holds true especially in major metropolitan cities like Oakland, where important social and political community projects can

Oakland’s Best Bars, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

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Downtown:   Café Van Kleef – In this strangely-decorated Oakland institution you will find the best Greyhound available in the city (not to mention the tiny smoking area at the bar’s entrance and occasional live music). Café Van Kleef is one of the most unique and fun bars in Oakland. The only hard part is

West Oakland

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Black panthers were based in West Oakland. Was the terminus of the first Transcontinental railroad. 7th Street was once a hub for jazz and the blues.

Oakland Hills/Mills College

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The Oakland Hills unofficially refers to the area—particularly the residential neighborhoods—that lines the eastern edge of Oakland on the western side of the Berkeley Hills.

East Oakland

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What’s Great East Oakland is rich with history. It is predominantly known as the area where West Coast rap was popularized. Tupac, Mac Dre, and Too Short are just a few famous names that got their start here.

Downtown Oakland

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Downtown Oakland is the site of the yearly Black Cowboy Parade, celebrating black cowboys who helped settle the American West.


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Alameda contains beautiful views of the bay and San Francisco along its beach. A small and tight community makes for almost a small town feel of home.

Getting Around Oakland Guide

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Fun fact: The city of Oakland has 806 miles of city-maintained streets, 150 of which are used by buses and 244 of which are designated bikeways. There are also 225 pedestrian paths. With so many streets, what are the best ways to get around?   Major Transportation Methods   AC Transit is the primary bus