Job Guide to Oakland
NewInTown · July 13, 2015 ·
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Check out Localwise Jobs
  • Localwise is a user friendly, midsize job board exclusively for the East Bay. The site posts a range of jobs, from food service to tech, and is easy to navigate.
  • Larger job boards, like Indeed and Glassdoor, also provide extensive coverage of the East Bay job scene.


Kill two birds with one stone: treat your job-hunting time as a chance to go on dates with Oakland.
  • You can use informational interviews as a chance to check out a café or other establishment you’ve been meaning to try.
  • Research a place that you would be interested in working at, drop off a resume, and then experience the strange magic of exploring a different neighborhood – in business casual.


Consider Freelance work.
  • If, like many East Bay residents, you prefer to avoid the monotony of the 9 to 5, check out this list of the best sites for finding freelance work.


Try volunteering.
  • Volunteer gigs can turn into jobs, and volunteering can also be a way to meet people with connections to the community who can provide job recommendations.
  • For a range of volunteer opportunities and jobs in the nonprofit sector, visit Volunteermatch or Idealist.


Check out your free local weekly: The East Bay Express.
  • The East Bay Express is a free weekly paper that includes a classifieds section with job postings as well as advertisements by local businesses seeking employees.
  • The paper also includes a head-spinning array of tidbits about East Bay restaurants, events and community issues: use the event listings to find vocation or interest-specific events (often free) where you can meet people in your desired field.


Talk to People.
  • Parts of the East Bay still feel like a small town. Word-of-mouth recommendations, which you can get by searching alumni networks for East Bay residents from your high school or college, remain invaluable in the job search.
  • Make a goal of having one in-person conversation with a new Oakland resident per day. Not only are the people you meet potentially your most valuable career resources, they will also help you settle in and thrive in Oakland. Be shameless! Talk in the grocery line, on the dog walk, and with the clerk at the used furniture store. In all searches (job, friend, knowledge) nothing replaces human connection.


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