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What’s Great

Alameda contains beautiful views of the bay and San Francisco along its beach. A small and tight community makes for almost a small town feel of home.



Rising rent prices and property values/taxes have created tension between renters and landlords/property managers. The city is taking steps to address these issues.


Crime & Safety

Alameda has a significantly lower crime rate than many areas of Oakland, and is generally regarded as a safe neighborhood.


Community Profile
  • Alameda is largely occupied by Caucasian and, to a lesser degree, Asian residents.

  • Alameda residents are largely middle and upper‐class, including many families.


Newintown Picks


  • BART does not service Alameda.

  • Three bridges connect Alameda to Oakland (Park Street, Fruitvale Avenue, and High Street Bridges).

  • The one‐way Posey and Webster Street tubes connect Alameda to Oakland’s Chinatown.

  • AC Transit services Alameda.







Photo Credit by: 38thnotes

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