Downtown Oakland
NewInTown · October 16, 2015 ·
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What’s Great
  • Downtown Oakland is the site of the yearly Black Cowboy Parade, celebrating black cowboys who helped settle the American West. This is the only parade of its kind in the nation, and it takes place in October.
  • Oakland’s Chinatown can be found in Downtown Oakland.
  • First Friday hosted by Oakland’s Art Murmur is a monthly art walk filled with galleries, food, and fun. This event takes place the first Friday evening of every month in Downtown Oakland.
  • Downtown Oakland is the central business as well as entertainment district in the city, which means plenty of shopping and live music opportunities!




The ongoing concentration of business and commerce in Downtown Oakland continues the steady gentrification of the area. This is also impacted by city money increasing large‐scale development.


Crime & Safety

Downtown Oakland does experience crime, but it is safer than areas like East and West Oakland. Walking around at night is possible but, like any city, is not recommended if alone. Practice street smarts and be aware of your surroundings.


Community Profile
  • Most downtown residents live in apartments and condominiums.

  • There are fewer families living downtown than most Oakland neighborhoods.

  • The community in downtown Oakland exhibits a large degree of varying races and cultures.

  • Housing is a mixed bag. Though more affordable than the Rockridge and Piedmont areas, rent and sale prices downtown are definitely higher than East or West Oakland.


Newintown Picks



  • 12th and 19th Street BART stations.

  • Close by: Lake Merritt BART station.

  • AC Transit lines along major streets like Broadway and Telegraph.

  • Bike‐friendly due to large main streets.






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