Lake Merritt/Grand Lake
NewInTown · September 10, 2015 ·
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What’s Great:
  • Lake Merritt is the United States’ first official wildlife refuge. A "Necklace of Lights" surrounds Lake Merritt, featuring 3,400 bulbs.

  • The neighborhood intersects at the Lakeshore and Grand shopping districts, a hub of local businesses and entertainment.




  • Like other developing Oakland neighborhoods, the Grand Lake area has been undergoing a constant state of gentrification, resulting in less housing opportunities for poor individuals and families.


Crime and Safety:
  • Grand Lake is mostly a safe neighborhood, though south of the lake can be more dangerous. Use common sense and don’t walk alone at night.




Community Profile:
  • Grand Lake is decently diverse along racial and cultural lines.

  • The neighborhood contains lots of shopping and a lively nightlife.

  • Property values have increased exponentially since the revitalization of the Grand Lake neighborhood in the 1990’s, resulting in a smaller selection of affordable housing for poor individuals and families.


Newintown Picks:




  • Lake Merritt BART station – Not close to every section of Grand Lake.

  • AC Transit lines.

  • Interstate 580 at Lakeshore and Grand Ave.




  • Grand Lake Montessori – Grades K-1.

  • Elementary, middle, and high Schools are located in nearby neighborhoods, such as Piedmont and North Oakland, as well as Downtown.






Lake Merritt Walking

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