Oakland Hills/Mills College
NewInTown · October 19, 2015 ·
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What’s Great
  • Fun Fact: The Oakland Hills unofficially refers to the area—particularly the residential neighborhoods—that lines the eastern edge of Oakland on the western side of the Berkeley Hills.
  • The Oakland Hills/Mills College neighborhoods are known for their breathtaking views.
  • A little hideaway from the congested feel of the city.
  • Privacy—most residents feel comfortable walking outside in their PJs because there’s so little foot traffic.
  • Close to natural attractions.


  • No sidewalks for pedestrians
  • Lack of diversity
  • Skunk and rat problem
  • Isolated—because the Hills are removed from the bustling parts of the city, it’s tough to do things like stroll into town or order food for delivery.


Crime & Safety

Residents of The Oakland Hills experience a far lower crime rate than those who reside in the flats of Oakland. The very few crimes that do occur usually revolve around burglary since the Hills happen to be a wealthier part of town.


Community Profile
  • Large population of senior citizens and empty nesters
  • New demographic of young families
  • Generally, most residents have a high household income
  • Lower unemployment rates than other parts of Oakland


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Public Transportation is scarce. The closest BART station is located in Rockridge, which is hard to reach on foot. However, the AC Transit is somewhat accessible. While biking is an option in some areas, depending on how steep of a neighborhood you’re in, most choose to tackle the winding Oakland Hills by car.






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