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What’s Great

Piedmont is technically its own city, surrounded by Oakland but not part of it. It was incorporated in 1907. Piedmont contains the famous Mountain View Cemetery, a massive and sprawling cemetery with several famous graves and an incredible view of the Bay Area.




Piedmont and Montclair are incredibly affluent neighborhoods, and provide few housing opportunities for poorer residents.


Crime & Safety

Piedmont is regarded as one of the safest areas in the East Bay, due not only to its size but also its affluence and family-heavy makeup.



Community Profile

Piedmont is small and largely residential, zoned primarily for single-family units. As a result, there are many families in the Piedmont area. Though there are limited shopping areas, Highland and Piedmont Avenue have high concentrations of commercial activity. Housing in Piedmont varies greatly, from large historic homes and even mansions to multi-unit apartment buildings. Like the nearby neighborhood of Rockridge, Piedmont is more affluent than most Oakland neighborhoods, and housing can be hard to find as well as pricey. This is in part because of Piedmont’s small size and limited housing opportunities.


Newintown Picks
  • Mulberry’s Home – Family-owned furniture and home décor store.

  • Sahara Moroccan Home Décor – Imported Moroccan furniture and home décor.

  • Cato’s Ale House – Bar and restaurant with large selection and Monday night pub trivia.

  • Gregoire’s – Popular French gourmet to-go food.

  • Shimizu Sushi – Popular and affordable sushi restaurant.

  • Kona Club – Well-known Tiki bar with a pool table and jukebox.

  • Adesso – American gastropub with food and large drink menu.

  • Rare Bird – Eclectic shop with local and vintage creations.

  • Resurrect – Vintage and local clothing and jewelry.

  • Spectator Bookstore

  • Piedmont Fabric – Fabric store with a large selection.

  • J. Miller Flowers and Gifts




There are, unfortunately, no BART lines in Piedmont, though AC transit offers several service lines to and from other Oakland BART stations. AC Transit Transbay routes C and P offer service to Downtown San Francisco.



The seven schools in Piedmont are all part of the Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD):

  • Egbert W. Beach Elementary

  • Frank C. Havens Elementary

  • Wildwood Elementary

  • Piedmont Middle School

  • Piedmont High School

  • Millenium High School

  • Piedmont Adult School





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