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What’s Great

Rockridge was once known as “Little Italy” until around the mid 60’s due to its large Italian immigrant community. Rockridge is a beautiful neighborhood with lots of shopping and entertainment options.




Like Piedmont, Rockridge’s affluence and large family populations often prevents poorer residents from living in the community.


Crime & Safety

Rockridge/Claremont is considered one of the safest Oakland neighborhoods, partly due to its affluence and proximity to Berkeley.


Yasai Market

Community Profile
  • Rockridge is made up of many large homes, often built between the 1920’s and 1950’s, though some are older.

  • Mostly affluent residents live in the neighborhood.

  • Rockridge is a family-heavy neighborhood.

  • Commerce is heavy in Rockridge, primarily along College Avenue.

  • Housing is commonly expensive in Rockridge, due to its safety and location as well as abundance of commerce.



Newintown Picks



  • Rockridge BART on College Avenue. Contains a memorial mural for the Oakland Firestorm of 1991.

  • AC Transit lines along College Avenue.

  • Bike-friendly neighborhood, but be wary of heading into the hills without gears and stamina! Check out Hank and Frank Bicycles!

  • State Route 24 meets at the Rockridge BART station.





Pegasus Books



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