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What’s Great

Temescal remains a diverse neighborhood with a range of thriving immigrant communities. The Ethiopian and Eritrean communities are responsible for some of Temescal’s great restaurants, including Red Sea, Asmara and Café Eritrea D’afrique. Temescal’s bright murals and incredible recycled craft supply store, East Bay Creative Reuse Depot, also make the neighborhood an attractive option for the art-inclined.





Gentrification/housing displacement: New condo complexes are coming into Temescal as lower income residents are being pushed out. A recent UC Berkeley study highlighted Temescal as a site of rapid demographic change – and the dramatic rise in upscale bars, restaurants, and retail shops in the neighborhood serve as testament to this change.


Crime & Safety

Much improved over the last couple of years. Remains a concern for some residents, especially at night.


Kingfish Pub


Community Profile

Temescal has a diverse community that includes young families, immigrants, and some longterm residents.


Newintown Hidden Gems
  • Golden Gate Donuts – Go early in the morning for fresh, cheap, delicious donuts and unpretentious diner charm.

  • Tofu House – This place is incredible for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

  • Kingfish Pub and Café – This historic, character-filled dive looks like a salty, coastal Maine fish shack.

  • Omni Commons – This is a community space intended to resist gentrification – a haven for nonprofits, art groups, and worker-owned cooperatives.

  • Tip Top Bike Shop – The friendly, knowledgeable employees make this bike shop a beloved Temescal staple.

  • Oakland Tool Lending Library – This historic tool library is housed in a beautiful historic Oakland public library building.

  • Nick and Aron’s – Yummy pizza, $2 dollar slices after 9pm, and run by two former pastry chefs – need I say more?

  • Iron Pan – This homey restaurant has something for everyone.

  • Temescal Produce Market – As the name would suggest, this place has great produce and a good selection of bulk dry goods.

Mark’s Paint Mart – Mark’s is the best local option for any painting project, and is open at 7am weekdays.



Temescal Market


  • MacArthur Bart is a transfer point for most Bart lines.

  • Consider biking! There are many bikers in Temescal.

  • Temescal is served by a range of buses that go throughout Oakland and Berkeley.




  • Lake Temescal – Fishing and black berry picking like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Studio One Arts Center – This community arts center is great for classes, shows, and youth programs.

  • Frog Park – This is a delightful park for kids.


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