West Oakland
NewInTown · October 19, 2015 ·
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What’s Great
  • Black panthers were based in West Oakland
  • Was the terminus of the first Transcontinental railroad
  • 7th Street was once a hub for jazz and the blues
  • Jack London lived in West Oakland


  • Rising housing prices are beginning to lead to residential displacement
  • Remains more affordable than many other places in the East Bay, but not for long
  • Very few places to get nutritious food
  • No full service grocery store
  • Growing abundance of urban farms are aiming to provide fresh produce to residents


Crime & Safety

Much improved over the last couple of years. Still a concern to many residents.


Community Profile
  • Ethnically and culturally diverse
  • Lots of families


Newintown Picks


  • West Oakland BART station connects to most lines
  • Buy a bike! Most main streets have bike lanes
  • Access to major freeways. Rush hour driving is brutal, however


  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
  • West Oakland Middle School
  • McClymonds High School


  • DeFremery Park
  • Cypress Freeway Memorial Park
  • Middle Harbor Shoreline Park


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