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NewInTown · July 13, 2015 ·
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There are two ways to establish a new account.

1. By phone: customers can call (866) 403-2683 and set up an account with a representative or
2. Visit the website http://www.ebmud.com/request-new-service-online or from the home page ebmud.com click on “Start Service” on the right side in the top tasks bar to establish an account online.
They recommend customers establish the account online because they receive a $20 discount (they pay $20 instead of $40 account establishment fee). (Not all addresses are eligible for online activation. If you provide the property address ebmud can confirm if it is eligible.)

Information they will need to provide:

1. New Customer’s Name or Business Name
2. Primary phone number
3. Employer name, job title & years of employed
4. Work number including ext if applicable
5. Last 4 of Social Security Number Or Driver’s License Number including state issued (we prefer Social but will accept a License as an alternative)
6. If Business, Federal Tax Identification Number
7. Alternate mailing address if applicable
8. Landlord name and phone number if applicable
The customer should be prepared to provide items 3-5 for a spouse or roommate if they want them to be authorized to access the new account and a deposit may be required for new customers.

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