Pacific Electric Bike

843 Carleton St
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 843 - 2453




Welcome to Pacific E-Bike, we love electric bicycles and want you to too! We have a lofty goal of putting an electric bike in every garage.

We design and sell our own brand of affordable e-bikes with a price point below that of most other manufactures. We design our e-bike line for the hilly streets of San Francisco and Oakland Hills so we challenge you to take on any incline. We also stock most parts for all bikes we sell. We rarely discontinue any models so you can rest assured we can keep your electric bike running for years to come!
At Pacific E-Bike we assemble all bikes in-house and also build custom conversions. Our small, carefully curated inventory is truly the best electric bike offerings we can find. We are not a large corporation, we’re a locally-owned neighborhood shop in the industrial area of Berkeley, CA. Since 2008 we’ve lived up to our standard of “We will do the best at delivering alternative energy, eco-friendly transportation to our customers in the most cost effective manner possible.”



843 Carleton St
Berkeley, CA 94710


Wednesday – Sunday
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


(510) 843 - 2453

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