Oakland is Getting Trashier
NewInTown · July 10, 2015 ·
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  • July 1st is the start of new, more comprehensive, trash collection services
  • Major change: multi-unit buildings will now be issued green composting bins for free
  • Under the new service contract, single-family homes and apartments (under 4 units) can schedule one bulky pickup (old furniture, mattresses, etc.) per year. Call (510) 537-5500 to schedule pickup
  • Rates are going up: 32-gallon cart at a single family home costs $36.82 per month, up from $29.80
  • There will now be four free bulky drop off days per year- on the first Sunday of every February, May, August and November


Resources: Check out oaklandrecycles.com and keepoaklandbeautiful.org for more information about services and trash-related news

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